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Nissan rowed the Note ashore [w/video]

Normally we wouldn’t suggest trying to float your car on water, but Nissan has made some modifications to turn its new Versa Note hatchback into a makeshift rowing shell.

Nissan replaced the car’s rear seats with a sliding rear rowing seat, modified the doors to open wider at 90 degrees and fitted a pair of oars. Most importantly, they put the whole thing on a floating platform to keep it from sinking into Eton Dorney Lake, the site of the 2012 Olympic rowing competitions in England (where the car is simply known as the Nissan Note).

Then they invited medal-winning competitive rowers Helen Glover, Sophie Hosking and Polly Swann to come along and row the thing, making use of the around-view monitor system to see where they were going. All in all it may not be quite as cool as the boats which Fiat made out of the 500 or Mini made out of its convertible, but it’s still enough to float our boat.

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    this is so cool! i. want. one
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    Nissan rowed the Note ashore [w/video] Normally we wouldn’t suggest trying to float your car on water, but Nissan has...
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    Still the best amphibious cars ever. Nissan ain’t got nothing on VW/Toyota/Triumph.
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